SoundWAV Stream Radio Network
"for sound advice"

SoundWAV and the SoundWAV Stream Network provides entertainment, lighting, sound and brand recognition, products and services, for your business. Visit Your Business Name Here's website for information and to listen to a demonstration. Click here to listen to the genre specific branded retail music streams for the South Texas Icehouse, playing only the Best Texas Country. In addition to hosting branded retail music streams. The SoundWAV Stream Network is host to the iCon music channels, including iCon Country, iCon Rock N Roll and coming soon iCon Decades. 

ENTERTAINMENT & broadcasting=fun & information

SoundWAV is trusted to provide the appropiate entertainment, lighting and sound for events large and small. Birthday parties, elementary, middle and high schools, business and corporate functions and events.
DJ Music, MTV Style Party Video Entertainment & Karaoke.

Your Business Name Here Radio was designed to demonstrate our digital broadcasting concept, Branded Retail Music. BRM broadcasts information related to your business. While enhancing your guests shopping and dinning experience.

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